Northern Cyprus Real Estate Guide

Northern Cyprus Real Estate Guide

What Documents Do You Need for Property Purchase?

To buy property in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), you simply need your passport. This straightforward requirement makes it easier for international buyers to invest in TRNC real estate.

How Long is the Property Purchase Process?

On average, the property purchase process, from deposit to completion, takes about nine months. This timeframe allows for all necessary legal and administrative tasks to be conducted thoroughly.

What are the Property Ownership Limits in TRNC?

Under TRNC's new laws, non-citizens can own only one property per household, up to a maximum area of 5 donums. This law ensures a fair distribution of property ownership and prevents the accumulation of excessive land by non-citizens.

What Can You Expect in Your Initial Solicitor Meeting?

In your first legal consultation, you’ll discuss property details, payment schedules, and included items. The meeting may also involve setting up a power of attorney if you’re often away from Northern Cyprus, ensuring your interests are always represented.

How is Your Investment Protected?

A Contract of Sale, detailing all essential terms, will be drawn up to safeguard your interests. It includes specifics such as plot number, size, price, and payment schedules, ensuring the vendor adheres to agreed construction standards and timelines.

What is Required for the Registration of the Contract of Sale?

Since January 2008, all property Contracts of Sale in Northern Cyprus must be registered at the District Lands Office within 21 days of signing. Stamp Duty, set at 0.5%, is also required before this registration can take place.

What is the Procedure for Permission to Purchase Application?

Following the contract’s registration, your solicitor will submit your application for purchase permission to the Council of Ministers, along with your police report. The permission process includes checks from land registry, military, and immigration authorities, taking around 9 months to a year and a half.

Can You Sell the Property Before Obtaining Purchase Permission?

Yes, depending on your contract terms. Most contracts include a clause allowing you to sell the property before taking title, which can be advantageous tax-wise as taxes are only due upon transfer of title.

How Do You Obtain Your Title Deed?

Once your purchase permission is granted, your solicitor (at an additional charge) can handle the transfer of title, including filling out land registry forms and paying relevant taxes. The title deed will then be secured and kept until you are ready to collect it.

Applicable Taxes During Purchase:

  • Stamp Duty at 0.5%, payable upon contract signing.
  • VAT (KDV) at 5%, payable upon property possession.
  • Transfer Fee, based on the contract price or Land Registry valuation, whichever is higher. As of February 2023, Land Registry transfer fees are 12% of the contract price/Land Registry valuation. Half of this is payable upon registration of the contract, and the remaining half upon title transfer.
Applicable Taxes During Purchase:

Applying for Temporary Residence in TRNC

Foreign nationals from most countries can apply for temporary residency in TRNC. The requirements include owning or renting property in TRNC and showing sufficient funds in a local bank account.

Visitor Visa Regulations in TRNC

Upon arrival in TRNC, you will receive a visitor visa, allowing a 90-day stay as a tourist. To extend your stay, you must apply for either a temporary residence permit or a work permit.

Additional Residency Information for Families and Citizenship Rules

Children under 18 do not require permits, easing the residency process for families. TRNC citizenship is available to those born to TRNC citizens or married to TRNC citizens.

Making a Will in TRNC

Regardless of your residency status, having a will in TRNC is crucial if you own assets there. This ensures your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Dying without a will can lead to complications in estate distribution.

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