Annex 5 - Change in member profile

1. Definitions 

“Portal”: The website and/or mobile applications where BAYTII offers its services, consisting of the domain name and the sub-domains connected to this domain name.  "Visitor": Every natural and legal person who accesses the Portal online.  “Member”: Individual or Commercial Member who creates an account on the Portal and benefits from the services offered within the Portal within the conditions specified.  "Account": It is completed by the Visitor who wants to create an account by filling in the account form required to become a Member in the Portal, providing identity information, confirming the accuracy of the identity information, if the service to be utilized in the account form is a paid service, the registration process is completed by paying the fee and the registration process is completed with the approval of the registration process by BAYTII. The right and authorization to become a member cannot be obtained until the account registration process is completed.  "Secure Electronic Commerce System" (SECS for short): The service provided by BAYTII within the conditions specified in the Individual or Commercial Membership Agreement for the performance of the payment part of the contract between the Host Member and the Guest Member.  "BAYTII Services" ("Services"): Applications offered by BAYTII in order to enable the Member to perform the works and transactions defined in this agreement within the Portal. BAYTII can make changes and/or adaptations to its Services offered in the Portal at any time without prior notice. The rules and conditions that the Member is obliged to comply with regarding the changes and/or adaptations made are announced to the Member on the Portal, and the announced terms and conditions come into force on the date they are published on the Portal.  “The Profile Page”: This is the BAYTII product where the Corporate Member can enter, manage and display his/her advertisements in order to carry out his/her commercial activities on the Portal and which can be accessed by other Visitors.

2. Terms of Use  

2.1 All legal and criminal liability for the comments and ratings made by the Members while creating the Member Profile and adding new comments to the Member Profile shall be borne by the Member who added the comment and made the rating. BAYTII shall not accept any legal liability for the comments and ratings in the Member Profiles. BAYTII has no obligation to investigate or evaluate whether such comments and ratings are fair or accurate.  2.2 Members may not, under any pretext, use any method to manipulate the Member Profile evaluation system, to force the counterparty Member with whom they are dealing to make positive comments about their profile or to prevent them from making negative comments; they accept and declare that they will compensate BAYTII for all damages incurred in this regard and that BAYTII has the right to terminate the Individual or Commercial Membership Agreement unilaterally and without notice and to close the Member's account.  2.3 The Member may not transfer the profile created for him/her to another Member under any terms and conditions or allow its use in any way.  In the event that the Member transfers the Member profile created for him/her to someone else or makes it available for use, the Member accepts and declares that BAYTII has the right to terminate the Member's account unilaterally and without notice.  2.4 Members accept and declare that BAYTII has the right to remove the comment in question and/or temporarily suspend or close the BAYTII account of the commenter if the comments made by them fall into one of the categories listed below:  It has been established by a court decision that the comment is defamatory or libelous or defamatory or illegal and the decision has been submitted to BAYTII,  The comment contains slang and racist remarks,  The comment contains expressions that are contrary to public morality, damage personal rights or humiliate,  The comment contains personal information, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. of the Member about whom the comment is made, other than the information available to all BAYTII Members,  The comment is made by Members who have provided BAYTII with false and/or forged Member information and cannot be reached,  If the comment is of a negative nature and accidentally given to another Member and this situation is notified to BAYTII by the Member who has the comment,  The comment contains links or scripts.

2.5 The Member agrees that BAYTII may remove the Member's comments and suspend his/her account if he/she violates the rules specified by BAYTII on the portal or the provisions of the Individual and Commercial Membership Agreement and its annexes.