Annex-3 Services Category Usage Rules



The Commercial Member specifies the categories in which he/she is a professional and will provide services by registering the information in the system in the "I want to provide services" option under the Services category. Only tradesmen and companies (sole proprietorships, commercial companies, etc.) can provide services as a Commercial Member in Services, and real persons do not have the opportunity to provide services.  The Commercial Member agrees that the account fee to be determined separately by BAYTII for each service category shall be collected from the bank account registered in the payment information notified to BAYTII every 30 days.  The Commercial Member has the opportunity to change his/her credit card information at any time.  An individual Member can benefit from the service categories without paying any fee.


Individual Members may receive services from Commercial Members under the service categories and, following the completion of the service, may give points and/or leave comments as specified in the scoring conditions regarding the performance of the Commercial Member. Individual Members may ask questions about the service provided to Commercial Members.    In the event that the questions asked by the Individual Member to the Commercial Member or the comments about the Commercial Member contain expressions contrary to personal rights, law and morality, may remove the comment and/or suspend the account, and in the same way, the Commercial Member's comment and/or account may be suspended and cancelled. If it is determined that fake comments that do not reflect the facts have been entered into the system, the relevant account may be cancelled.   The Commercial Member is not authorised to remove comments from publication; if he/she has any objection to the comments, he/she may complain to BAYTII about the comments together with the documents showing the reason for the objection.


In the event that the Commercial Member's actions or the services provided by the Commercial Member constitute a breach of the BAYTII Portal Account Agreement, infringement of rights, violation of law or morality, or the information provided during the account application and the update of the account information is incomplete, incorrect or not in accordance with the official information, the account of the Commercial Member may be frozen or terminated immediately for a period to be determined by BAYTII.