Annex 4 - Advertisement Rules & Prohibited Products


The Posting Rules in all categories set out below apply to both Individual Members and Commercial Members (Individual Member and Commercial Member are collectively referred to as "Member"). The Member who posts an advertisement is deemed to have accepted and undertaken to comply with the legislation, the rules of posting, and the rules specified in the Membership Agreement, and not to include in the advertisement any statements that may deceive the consumer in accordance with the legislation, especially laws and regulations.  BAYTII may issue a list of products prohibited to be advertised. Upon the publication of this list on, Individual Members and Commercial Members become obliged not to publish advertisements contrary to this list as of this date.  Visitors are obliged to use the information they access within the Portal only for the purpose of the Member or BAYTII disclosing this information and to view it for non-commercial purposes. Personal data and/or special categories of personal data belonging to the advertiser or third parties under the protection of Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, which may be included in the advertisement, cannot be used for any other purpose, copied, published directly or indirectly in other media, processed, distributed, transferred to other databases, and made available to third parties for access and use.  The advertisers consent to the publication of the advertisements deemed appropriate by BAYTII in the categories related to the advertisements for the period to be determined by BAYTII, as well as the publication of the advertisements selected by BAYTII in social media, press bulletins, and other media.  The Price Information feature is a feature that allows our members to follow the price changes of their favorite ads more easily. This feature is shown on all listings, but in order to view the price history of the listing, the listing must be added to favorites. The Price Information feature, which shows the price changes in the favorite ads, cannot be removed.


Only information about real estate should be included in the title and description of the advertisement.  In the advertisement title and advertisement description sections, no advertisement content should be written, links and photos of the product should not be added.  The photos, videos, and 3D tour images used in the advertisements to be published must belong to the real estate sold/rented. BAYTII is not responsible for the published content, photos, videos, or 3D tour images added to the advertisement as a link. The necessary permissions under the provisions of the relevant legislation, including but not limited to the Personal Data Protection legislation and the legislation on Intellectual Property Rights, regarding the photographs, shared should be obtained. Otherwise, the Advertiser will be responsible for all claims to be made by third parties. In the event that BAYTII suffers a loss and has to make a payment afterward, the right of recourse from the relevant Member is reserved.  The correct information must be included in the criteria specified in the advertisement entries (square meters, number of rooms, floor, price, etc.).  Company logos, phone numbers or links, logos or names of different websites should not be included in the content of the photos, videos, 3D Tour images. Images marked as selected showcase images should not include company logos, phone numbers, links to websites, colored backgrounds, colored frames, text content, company names, photoshop and similar applications and plug-ins.  The photo(s) of a different member within the system should not be used.  An advertisement must be placed separately for selling a real estate property and separately for renting it. The same advertisement cannot contain both for sale and for rent details.  The same advertisement cannot be re-entered into the system by deleting the first advertisement. Account holders who delete an advertisement and re-enter it into the system from the beginning and perform similar activities may have their advertisements deleted, and their accounts temporarily suspended or canceled.  Separate advertisement entries should not be made for real estates with the same characteristics in the same site or block, a single advertisement should be made and in the description of this advertisement, it should be stated that there are different apartments in the same location. A second advertisement entry with the same characteristics is considered a duplicate (same entry).  Different images should be used for each advertisement, and the same image should not be used in a second advertisement, even in the same location.  Real estate advertisement entries must be made by the owner or with the approval of the owner. This responsibility belongs to the advertiser. Upon the owner's objection, these advertisements of account holders may be deleted, their accounts may be temporarily suspended or canceled.  No representative price should be given for real estate for sale or rent.  Apartment advertisements that want to be transferred together with the debt must be submitted from the For Sale by Transfer Housing category. If the advertisement is to be published in the Housing/For Sale category, the total amount with all debts must be written in the price field.  Web page, Whatsapp contact button, e-mail address, and company contact information should not be included in the advertisement description sections. Phone number and username should only be published in the "User Information" section.  The title or description of the advertisement cannot include phrases such as " purchased", " looking for", etc.  Sold or rented products cannot be republished as Sold/Leased. Advertisements that create the impression that the sales process is continuing or that may create the possibility of deceiving and misleading the consumer, such as "optioned", "deposit has been received", "sold", "thank you for your interest" or similar expressions are not published, and the advertisements that are published are removed from publication.  The information entered for certain criteria determined by during the advertisement process cannot be changed by the advertiser, and the advertiser agrees in advance that he/she will not object to this. reserves the right to determine which criteria cannot be changed, to change the criteria over time, and to apply the criteria determined as of the date of the change to all advertisements."  Only monthly rental advertisements can be placed in the Housing> For Rent category. Daily, weekly, etc. rental ads must be placed in the Short-Term Rental category.  For Short Term Rentals, the daily rental price should be entered in the price criteria.  The decision to consider the advertisement as a workplace or residence is the responsibility of the advertiser. If the selected category is accepted as correct and there is no violation of the advertisement rules, the advertisement is published.  Separate advertisements must be made for each different real estate. Collective sales cannot be made for immovable properties in different locations.