Annex 9- Card Security Clarification Text

This text aims to clarify how the security of your credit/debit cards you will use during the short-term rental service phase and on the Commercial Membership Payments Page is ensured.

1) Member Protection

BAYTII aims to protect its Members against credit card fraud.  Members are expected to comply with their duty of care in line with this clarification text.

2) Data Security

BAYTII does not collect or store any data regarding the credit card information of its Members. It does not share this card information with any person or legal entity.

3) Payment Phase

During the secure payment phase, the Member's internet browser is directed to a page encrypted by the bank. This page can be recognized as secure by the lock icon on the bottom line of the browser. All transactions you make on the screen with this icon are protected by encryption and only in accordance with your instructions, the information on this page is encrypted and used by the bank. This information is transmitted to the bank completely independent of the shopping website and encrypted under the 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)* protocol. Accordingly, if the bank approves that the card is suitable for shopping, the shopping is continued. In this context, since no information can be viewed by the company thanks to the encryption methods related to the credit card, the information cannot be stored and the information is prevented from being in the hands of malicious third parties.

4) Password Protection

BAYTII never requests that the passwords sent by the bank to the Members via SMS to the Members' phones or on the internet be shared with the company official / customer service etc. employees. In this context, it is kindly requested that the passwords sent to the guests are protected by the Members and not shared with anyone, including bank officials.

5) Credit Card Fraud

BAYTII is audited against credit card fraud. For this reason, it is of great importance to fill in the mandatory fields on the order form correctly when placing an order. In the event that this information is not correct, BAYTII will be able to contact the Member or the bank when necessary to control credit card fraud.

6) Secure Sockets

Members are expected to read this text and fulfil their duty of care accordingly. Our company will not be responsible in case of damage due to members not taking the necessary precautions.

Secure Sockets Layer is an international encryption method that cannot be broken.